Migration to Greece by the Aegean Sea Has Plummeted, U.N. Says

The number of migrants risking the perilous voyage from Turkey to Greecevia the Aegean Sea has plummeted, according to new figures released by the United Nations, a sign that a deal brokered by the European Union in March to ease the migration crisis has shown some success.

Under the deal, asylum seekers who use illegal routes to reach the Greek islands from Turkey are being sent back. Turkey is set to receive about $6.6 billion in aid to help the migrants there, many of them from Syria. In return, the European Union will resume negotiations over Turkey’s application to join the 28-nation bloc, and will resettle one Syrian from a camp in Turkey in exchange for each Syrian who is sent back to Turkey.

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Turkey Blocks Expansion of NATO’s Aegean Mission

The U.S., U.K. and Germany are pushing to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s naval mission to combat human smuggling in the Aegean Sea but face objections from Turkey, which is seeking to end the operation. Read the rest of this entry »

EU-Turkey agreement report shows drop in crossings to Greece

According to a report issued by the EU, the bloc’s refugee agreement with Turkey is working as planned. However, outstanding issues still remain on the deal, which has put strain on both the EU and Turkey. Read the rest of this entry »

Progress made on Cyprus issue: US

Advances have been made in the long-running Cyprus negotiation process between the Turkish and Greek sides of the Mediterranean island, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on June 13.

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Greece sends more migrants to Turkey

Greek officials said two boats carrying 124 migrants – most of them Pakistani men – had been sent back across the Aegean Sea where hundreds have lost their lives in a quest to reach Europe. Read the rest of this entry »

Turkey stops over 50,000 EU bound refugees in sea and ground operations

At least 50,000 refugees trying to reach Europe illegally have been found in sea and ground operations by the Turkish authorities in 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

Greece starts sending refugees back to Turkey

Greek authorities on Tuesday sent a group of refugees who illegally entered the country back to Turkey, as part of the readmission agreement signed between the European Union and Turkey. Read the rest of this entry »

Turkish Coast Guard outposts to ease handling of migrant flow

The Coast Guard, struggling with an incessant flow of illegal migrants heading to Europe, is set to boost its presence along the lengthy Aegean coast, and to speed up the legal process by establishing outposts. Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian ship sets sail for NATO Aegean mission

The Canadian navy’s HMCS Fredericton has set sail for the Aegean Sea to take part in the new NATO mission to fight human traffickers and reduce the number of refugees crossing from Turkey to the European Union in search of a better life.
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At least 27 migrants killed in Aegean off Turkey

At least 27 migrants, including 11 children, were killed after a boat bound for the Greek island of Lesbos capsized off Turkey’s Edremit Bay on Feb. 8, the Turkish Coast Guard has said.

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